Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Color is My Carpet Again?

How is it possible that someone so tiny can generate so much laundry? I remember hearing at my baby shower, that with all of the clothes I received, I would never have to do laundry! Lies.  Lies. Lies. I've now forgotten what color our carpeting is due to the mountainous clothing piles strewn about! This little girl of mine prefers to use a minimum of 2 bibs per feeding (changed in the middle, after shes turned the bib around and rubs food into her outfit), full outfit changes with every other diaper change, and at least 2 spit up cloths per bottle.  Jeez! It seems like just when I finish folding on basket of laundry, I've got another one to throw in the wash! So, it occurred to me that Grace should have disposable clothing.  One time use.  I planned out which baby items could be disposable and how I would design them.  Then - I found the genius who came up with it before me.  There goes my million dollar invention. :( 

Disposable bibs, that tear like notebook paper!

Just another example where disposable clothing would be useful.
In other news, Grace has definitely started pseudo-crawling. This afternoon, while changing yet another one of Grace's poop explosion specialties, I stepped away for a minute to fill up the bathtub, leaving grace on a blanket on the floor.  In a matter of seconds, she was two feet from where I'd left her, nude and wiggly! Grace is also mastering the art of sitting.  She to sit down on her blanket and play!

More updates on Grace later - for now, I shall attempt to fight the laundry beast yet again, hopefully returning victorious!

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