Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Grace

Dear Grace,

The past few weeks have been a very busy.  You've managed to start eating solid food and thus developed an insatiable appetite for bananas.  You've made it through your second set of "pokes", with only a few tears.  You have started really laughing with purpose, usually at your Momma making ridiculous noises/faces.  You've stolen the heart of your Dad, who as tired as he is on his evenings home, still manages to come up outrageous limericks and songs to make you giggle.  Your Grandparents are smitten as usual, and your aunts and uncles are shocked at how big you're getting.  Officially 5 months old, I've realized how fast time really does go by.

 At first glance, you've got my lips.  Your eyes are bright and seem to sparkle when you're really happy.  You have learned how your hands work and you take FULL advantage of that.  You grab at everything, including your Mom's ears, Grandpa's beard, Dad's hair, and the bowl of baby food that was resting on the table, before you threw it across the room.  As the days go on, you become more and more attached to me.  I can't step out of the room without hearing you roar.  This being said, I've picked knitting and crocheting back up, so as to stay within your sights.  Fortunately, I have a model for all of my projects! 
"Give me that back!"

"No more pictures please!"

It is amazing how far we've come.  Although we still haven't quite mastered sleeping the night, you've come a LONG way.  You like the snow.  We bundled you up and took you outside (only for a few minutes).  I think you and I were both equally entertained by your little breath as it fogged in front of us. I can't wait to make snowmen with you! 

I've started looking for some part time work, just to take some of the weight of Dad's shoulders.  I'm terrified that you will forget me.  One of the only things that makes staying up until 8am and waking up 5 hours later bearable, is your smile when you see me.  I'm hoping that you'll still flash me that gummy little smile when I come home.  It seems like each day I love you a little bit more.  Well.  Most days.  Today you literally pooped up your back.  And while I was grabbing a fresh diaper and sleeper - you rolled in it, leaving not an inch of skin clean. But don't worry, I still love you. :) But seriously, can someone please fashion me a Grace-proof diaper?!

You don't quite crawl yet, but you scoot.  It is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!  You try SO hard - and you're making progress! It will only be a matter of time before you're on your way! Today, I saw another Mom walking with her daughter, holding tightly onto her hand as she crossed the street.  I almost cried.  I can't wait for us to start adventuring together! 

I love you G! 



  1. Love the blog and the hats Rachel...

  2. you are such a good mama :) love you guys!



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