Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

It has been a busy week here at "Casa De Grace".  We have moved Grace out of her little baby bed and into her big baby crib.  I've been putting it off as long as I could, attempting to settle my new mom hang ups on abandonment and all that jazz.  We hooked up our monitors, which given the modest size of our apartment - are by and large useless.  Even though we can hear Grace's sweet snoring from our room, I pretty sure the monitors are really there just to satisfy our adult hankering for walkies talkies.  Approximately 150 "is she still breathing" check ups later, I finally hit the hay.  Anyway, Grace did wonderfully.  Snug as a bug, she slept like a rock.  She woke us up around 10am with giggles.

 Thanksgiving was a blast.  Grace was darling as usual and let us all chow down on copious amounts of food. Grace sat patiently, cooing and laughing while we all visited.  Next year, we'll have some turkey with her name on it, but this year - it was strictly Enfamil. We also put up Grace's first Christmas tree!  Well, Grace passed out before the tree was fully decorated, but woke up in awe of the twinkling lights. Although Grace has no idea of the happenings of Christmas, nor the magic of Santa Claus or the sweet sound of wrapping paper being torn off new toys - Ryan and I remember this all to well. I braved the mall for the first time yesterday, originally in search of stockings for all of us.  Much to my surprise, they don't carry the stockings I grew up with (the homemade looking, glitter written names..etc..).  Two malls and several long lines later, I left with a "make your own" stocking kit, Christmas cards and an alligator toy for Grace.  The high point of the trip was my interaction with the Hallmark store cashier.  I asked if she carried stockings or if she knew of any place that did and she looked at me like I was speaking a different language and replied with "Ugh. No?" It was at this very moment that Grace decided to drop a bomb, stinking up the entire store in 4.6 seconds flat.  That's my girl. 

More Christmas festivities to come!

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  1. I remember when each one of you were born how excited I was to get another stocking at the mall. It's too bad they don't have that at malls anymore. I'm sure the one you make will have tons more sparkle to it.



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