Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dancing

Grace is officially 11 weeks old! She is smiling up a storm and laughing at everything! Her favorite time of the day is around 6am, when she kicks off her diaper, giggles at her mom and dad's groggy voices, and smiles the bottle right out of her mouth.  Her sleep schedule is getting a bit more routine, although we still never know what to expect.  Last night marked Grace's first "big girl bath".  We removed the infant support from her tub, seeing as she is 25 inches long and was squirming her way out of it.  She discovered the art of splashing and turned our living room into sea world. Gotta love Gracie. 

It occurred to me that I haven't written much about Grace's daddy. Where do I start?  

Ryan and I met five years ago, at what I believe was an open mic night.  He was new to Plymouth and I had been hanging around for a couple of years. I hesitate to say that either of us were "parent material" at that time but that's neither here nor there. Two blue lines and several years later, much to our surprise, we were expecting! I remember a feeling of panic when I first saw the lines appear on the pregnancy test.  The box said to wait 5-7 minutes for the lines to fully develop - my blue lines appeared almost instantly.  I'd like to say the feeling of panic was fleeting, but it wasn't.  The first few months we're difficult. I was sick, we were moving, Ryan was busy with work, and the lack of preparation left things a bit gloomy on the home front. Understandably, I needed a support and lots or reassurance that things would be okay.  Ryan never left my side.  From midnight breakdowns to gas station runs at 4am for peppermint lifesavers (the only thing that would settle my stomach). I couldn't have asked for a more supportive partner.  Now, nearly a year after the surprise of a lifetime, Ryan is a better father than I could have ever imagined.

 I am a music fanatic.  I love all types of music and really want to make music a part of Grace's life.  I started playing classical music for Grace during her nighttime bottle, hoping it would settle her down a bit before bedtime - no luck on the settling, but I think we both enjoyed the peaceful music anyhow. Regrettably, I do draw the line somewhere.  Zappa.  Frank Zappa.  I can handle some, but not much.  Phish - arguably Ryan's favorite band, is a bit drawn out for me.  The other night, a fussy Grace had seen enough of Mommy.  It was Daddy time.  Ryan loaded up the Phish and danced and sang with Grace.  It was the most enjoyable Phish experience of my life. I watched as Grace's face lit up as Trey Anastasio went on, and on, about possums and skyscrapers. For the first time in my life, the jam wasn't long enough! (sorry phish fans - please don't judge me).  Watching Grace and Ryan develop such a close relationship is an amazing privilege. Having had a wonderful father myself, I know how important it is for a little girl to have a Daddy.  

Grace and I are so lucky to have Ryan in our lives.  While this journey isn't always easy, it is always rewarding and I can't wait to continue our adventures in parenting together!

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